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Connection. Innovation. Entertainment.

Tarsus is an operating system that integrates social chat function, video conferencing capabilities, email, video camera, camera, apps, video on demand, celebrity music/content, and a robust gaming portal…all on One Device with One Click.

Turn Every TV into a SMART TV
with Quad Screens

The Quad Screen functionality allows one person to instantly customize their entertainment experience and include friends & family.
For example, a person can:

  • Watch a football game while
  • Checking the stock market while
  • Video conferencing with a friend while
  • Checking email…

All on ONE Screen at ONE time.
Tarsus is the most unique and highly engaging user experience in the world.

Tarsus also offers:

  • Online shopping
  • Analytics tracking
  • Advertising with an innovative pay for only ads “viewed” model
  • Celebrity Channels streaming music, videos and selling concert tickets, live exclusive content, merchandise, pay-per-view events and more.

Watch Your Favorite Celebrity Come
Live to You - Celebrity Channels

Better than seeing a celebrity live in concert. Better than a twitter feed. No you can simply subscribe to your favorite celebrity’s channel and get to know them in a new way and connect with them personally.   How?  Your favorite celebrity will…

  1. personally engage through strategic blogs,
  2. interviews,
  3. back stage interviews,
  4. FB live feeds.

As you watch, you can click on pop ups to purchase a new song, an album, a music video, and even the merchandise that the celebrity is wearing…all on one screen, with one click.

With Tarsus, celebrities can now engage on the 4th dimension – emotional connection using the technology of tomorrow…today.

Limitless Integration

  • Gaming
  • Cable Connect
  • Video on Demand
  • Live TV
  • Celebrity Streamed Music Video Channel
  • Celebrity Fan Chatroom
  • Celebrity Streamed Music Audio Channel
  • Celebrity Retail Product Channel
  • Apps
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Photos
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Internet Browsing

More to Come...Stay Updated.

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