Meet Tarsus


When you log in you’ll see a personalized dashboard of the newest programs, movies, video games, music & merchandise ALL based on what YOU like & want. Tarsus uses “Real Intelligence” not artificial intelligence. Tarsus tracks everything about YOU and it does the same thing for your friends so YOU know everything that they are watching, and doing too. YOU and your friends can limit what you want everyone to see, but that’s the power of Tarsus…Your digital BFF.

Social Connection

Check out what your friends are watching, playing and listening to right now AND you can see everything they have ever watched or purchased…you can add them all to your own library, if you want. It’s a new way to connect: It’s “Digital Word-of-Mouth Entertainment” – it’s human nature at your finger-tips. We see things, we do things, and if we like those things, we tell our friends. With Tarsus that happens automatically. 

And you can open your social chat window on your TV screen to call, instant message or even video chat with your friends if you’d like. One, two or three all at one time, while you watch & play a game, listen to music…the options are endless.

Quad Screen

Now you don’t have to close one app to open another. Just decide what you want to watch, play, or do, and chose two, three or four screens that will display at the same time. Your TV will be transformed into a robust entertainment portal where you can enjoy everything all at once.

Live TV/Movies

Enjoy live TV, sporting events and our system allows you to open ANY of your movie streaming apps including Netflix & Hulu. Tarsus makes ANY TV a smart TV.

Celebrity Channel

On the Celebrity Channel, with one click you can see & watch every movie your selected celebrity has ever starred in, listen to every album and music video they ever made, watch their latest interviews, and if you see something they’re wearing, you can even buy it– ALL with one click on one screen.

You can even live chat with your favorite celebrity when you subscribe to their Celebrity Channel. Now that’s a REAL fan experience! – a connection that no other system has. And all for less that a monthly subscription to any Celebrity Gossip magazine.

Video Games

Play a video game AND chat live with up to 3 friends who are playing the same game, all on one screen at one time. It takes competitive gaming to the next level.


Open your music dashboard and select the type of music YOU want to listen to, or open an existing app such as Spotify, and control all the music from one dashboard on one screen leaving you with 3 more screens to do anything else you’d like. And your vintage-style dashboard makes it easy to navigate.